Spring Tide by Steve Plews

Photos by Steve Plews of Escarpment Photography.
Song of the Robin Breaks the silence of the woods

While a gentle breeze makes the leaves rustle and the limbs gently sway to the music of the robin
A gentle light through the canopy of leaves splash light and shadows on the forest floor.
It is Spring time in the forest.
With an impressionistic eye that delights to splotches of spring time colour.
With colour buds aching to reach to the diminishing sunlight.
The Forest refresh a tired Soul from whom winter had at last loose its grips. Those walls that kept me within my fright of depression and anxiety are melted away with the spring time warmth.
For it’s the tired soul that always lives on the promise of winter turning into spring
Monday June 4th, 2018 @Rodman Hall Art Centre
Belong Empower Create


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