Wet Felting with Tammy Jane Lepp


Local artist Tammy Jane Lepp lead an intro class in the art of wet felting- a technique that involves binding sheep’s wool fibres via friction, agitation and compression to create a solid non-woven textile.

We predominately used merino wool complemented by adding silks, cheesecloth, banana silk, wool yarns and various other fibres. The outcome was the creation of unique to the individual artist-one of a kind soft sculptures.


These creations will be on display at The Willow Community Spring Member Art Showcase happening in the Studio Gallery at Rodman Hall Art Centre May 31st. This art class took place March 5th, 2018 at Rodman Hall Art Centre, and kicked off our fantastic Spring Program- now in full bloom.

We plan to work with Tammy Jane Lepp again real soon!  Follow her work on Facebook: Tammy Jane Lepp Artist.

Belong Empower Create with The Willow ~ Shauna MacLeod

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