Write Right March 19, 2018

Founder/Director Shauna MacLeod led members into discovering and their own creative writing voices with playful word games and a round-table narrative building exercise (a funny story about a mute pirate emerged). We then explored three writing prompts independently:

  1. Write a poem that starts with the line “I am the willow”
  2. Create your own “emoji” What does it look like and how is it used? Create dialogue using the new emoji with two or more characters.
  3. Where is Steven Hawkins? Create a short story or scenario of a day in his life now that he has passed.

Here is member artist Evelyn Bastos poem:

I am the willow in the mountain

I am the wind in the fountain

I am the wind in the willow

I am the music through the window

I look sad but I am not

I look hard but I am soft

I cannot walk but I can dance

I cannot walk but I can balance

I am powerful but yet flexible

I am a farce and yet reasonable

English is not Evelyn’s first language, but her creativity shines through her visual arts and words. Thank you for sharing your piece with us. More creative writing entries will be featured on the blog. Stay tuned!

~Shauna MacLeod

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