Still Life Drawing with Krystal Brant

Puns ran deep as we reached beyond the surfaces of our sketch paper and into still life drawing. Drawing what the eye sees is no easy task, but we were led by the patient and well-skilled artist Krystal Brant.

Using an antique wooden crate with incredible texture, our subject was cast in well-placed shadows with track lighting from the Studio Gallery at Rodman Hall Art Centre.  Members were introduced to the concept of 2 point perspective and horizon lines. Armed with smudge tools for shading, soft and hard pencils, erasers, rulers, and paper, 3D images began to appear.


This work and more will be showcased at our upcoming Winter Member Art Showcase taking place at Mahtay Cafe February 25. Opening reception will be from 2-4 pm.

Thank you for creating with us! ~Shauna MacLeod

One Comment on “Still Life Drawing with Krystal Brant

  1. It was a pleasure coming out sharing with the group. It was amazing to see how many different interpretations and styles that came out of the same subject matter!


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