Spring 2018 Program Sign-Up

Little seeds that are planted with love and nurtured with care will grow into bigger trees in the right environment. The Willow Community has grown! This is a testament to the quality of the art classes being taught, the need for a community like ours, and the incredible supports that have helped sustain and grow us to where we are today.

In order to ensure quality classes where all members are benefiting from the creative and supportive environment, we need to move away from all classes being open to “drop-ins” and toward some classes having a “sign-up” limit with general guidelines.


What does this mean for our members?

  • The Spring 2018 Program Schedule will be advertised online Feb 1st. Schedules can be found on the Website under Classes, on the Facebook page, or printed at workshops.
  • Registration will open after 3 pm on Feb 5th
  • Members may register in person during a workshop, or by emailing signup.thewillowcommunity@gmail.com
  • All Songs from the Willow workshops are “open” and have no limit on member attendance.
  • It will be first come, first served; however attendance will be taken. There will be a wait list in case a spot opens up. Members can cancel in advance so other members can take their place.
  • Members need to arrive on time and ready to begin. This can’t be stressed enough. Be mindful of the artists and your fellow members.
  • Please do not show up at Rodman Hall outside of workshop hours to register. They do not have access to our registration.
  • The Spring 2018 Program runs from March-May.
We’ve made some big changes since Dec 2015. This too shall become familiar. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this transition.

Belong Empower Create ~ Shauna MacLeod

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