Songs from the Willow

The show must go on. Unfortunately our music teacher extraordinaire Joe Lapinski was sick this past week with the dreaded flu that has been going around, but you can’t stop the rock! 14 members met to work together on the Songs of the Willow project- a six month music making series that will result in live performances and a CD release.

We listened to the blues (Jimi Hendrix Red House and Freddie King I’m Tore Down), meditated, talked about melody, spent some time on creative writing, and came together to write and perform our first blues song.

We also have a few break away artists emerging! Some members are busy working on their own material both at home and during our workshops.

Every week I am blown away by the amount of talent our members have. It’s truly an incredible experience to come together and create music. Next week we have an Wednesday evening practice from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Niagara Artist Centre and then we head to our first recording day at Rodman Hall Art Centre from 12-5 p.m. on Saturday. A pop-up recording studio coming to Rodman Hall is a first!





Belong Empower Create with The Willow Community ~ Shauna MacLeod

3 Comments on “Songs from the Willow

  1. I have been hearing some about your song project. Sounds fabulous! I would be happy to lend an ear or a piano-finger in some way if you would like, or even any of my instruments, or background on your studio sessions – which I am sure you are going to get to! Good wishes.. JimH


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