Creativity Through Colours with Evelyn Bastos

Member artist Evelyn Bastos’ first rule of the day was FORGET WHAT YOU LEARNED IN ART CLASS! We painted from intuition. We chose colours that spoke to us and painted without a finished product in mind. This is no easy task.

By sharing her experiences from traveling the world, Evelyn inspired us to celebrate the mistakes and allow whatever comes from the end of your paintbrush to happen. Water colour on paper, this was a lesson in humility as much as it was art. 

Added to all of this wonderful instruction was a visit from St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik. He took time from dealing with garbage pick-up delays and snow removal to really listen and learn from our members. Mr. Sendzik is a big fan of The Willow Community and enjoyed seeing us in action.

I look forward to seeing this artwork displayed at our next Art Showcase Feb. 25th at Mahtay Cafe. So much more in store for 2018.

~Belong Empower Create with The Willow Community!~ Shauna MacLeod

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