Fall 2017 Member Art Showcase at Mahtay Cafe

What makes The Willow so special are the people that come out week after week to create, dare, dream, struggle, triumph, and belong to our creative community. Add to this the talented artists that are teaching workshops with the community organizations guiding and helping along the way and it’s the perfect recipe for a certain magic.

A big thank you to: Cynthia DiSimone, Krystal Brant, Julia Blushak, Patricia Laraia, Ian Ball, Sarah Smith, Judith Rudoler, Mary Burke, Joe Lapinski, Shazia Khan, Michelle Nicholls, The Willow Community Board of Directors, Rodman Hall Art Centre, Niagara Artist Centre, Mahtay Cafe, Canadian Mental Health Association Niagara, Niagara Region Mental Health, Start Me Up Niagara, Brain Injury Community Re-entry Niagara, Workman Arts, Colin Doyle and the members of The Willow Community.

The fall 2017 Art Showcase will be on display until after Christmas at Mahtay Cafe and Lounge. Thank you for an incredible season! ~Shauna MacLeod~

One Comment on “Fall 2017 Member Art Showcase at Mahtay Cafe

  1. Amazing workings with The Willow Community members – this great showcase at Mahtay demonstrates how creativity is like water for the heart and soul – it will always finds a way. Looking forward to a new year of artistic growth. Thanks to everyone for your inspiration. – jb


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