Angel Origami with Julia Blushak

On a wing and a prayer…. we giggled, grunted, and graced our way through angel origami. Julia was a pro at keeping her cool while ours slowly unraveled, until suddenly- angels took form!

Our class began with a gentle reminder of mindfulness and the eastern teaching of origami. We used painted newspapers as our material (doing this project on small scale origami paper would have been pure madness!!) and created mountain and valley folds as a group.

This class was a total practice of patience as it was art. I appreciate every member that came and created with us today. As challenging as it was, we made it through together.

Our angels will be on display at our upcoming Art Showcase/Holiday Party Dec 18, 2017 at Mahtay Cafe. Come and celebrate our amazing fall season and all the hard work with The Willow Community.

~Shauna MacLeod


One Comment on “Angel Origami with Julia Blushak

  1. thanks to everyone at Willow Community’s origami workshop– maybe making sourdough bread is an easier route to zen state – but the results show that effort overcomes all kinds of dreaded obstacles – like folding an everyday sheet of paper into something wonderful is possible!


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