My Prison Break By: Joy Norton

My home away from home is in the arms of Andy Dufresne

The one who teaches of music and how to dance in the rain

The one who’s spirit cannot break

No matter how many beatings he has to take


He teaches me of hope and how from prison hell break free

He teaches me to have dreams and allows me to become me

He makes me stand tall in the face of fear

He’s there when I fall and to dry my tears


In alot of ways he’s just like me

Quiet and processing all that he sees


He teaches me life is just like chess

And I think he plays that better than all the rest

He teaches about rocks pressure and time

And how to rebuild my saddened broken mind.


It’s nice to know he’s always there

Even when no one else in the world cares


He teaches me to fight to the very end

Yes I guess you can say I found my best friend

We walk through our days as partners in crime

I’m so glad its with him that I’m serving my time.

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