Music with Joe Nov 8, 2017

Members of The Willow came together with music producer/maker Joe Lapinski for an inspired afternoon. We spent some time getting to know one another musically- talking about our favourite bands and learning just how much musical talent our members have (violins, pianos, guitar, choir, clarinet).

We then took some time to listen, really listen, to a song we’ve all heard many times with the intent of discovering new aspects about the melody, lyrics, and overall feel. Heart of Gold by Neil Young. 

Joe followed up with showing us a creative technique that propelled us into lyric writing, and eventually noise making!  We practiced a meditation technique that took us from quietly listening and contemplating the noises around us to creating imaginative landscapes. We wrote about what we saw/heard, and built foundation lyric “SEEDS” that was put to music and sang as a group.


This class is just the beginning of six month music making series called Songs from the WIllow . Check our our new winter program schedule for more details, and plan to attend. You won’t want to miss the magic.

Thank you sharing and creating with us~ Shauna MacLeod


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