The Undelivered Letter to Mr. Squig—By Joy Norton-Dufresne

Squig I know how…

And I know why…

You chose to make me let this die…


There’s not one day that goes by…

That I don’t cry and remember why…

You told me the plan, you carried it out

And at that time, I then had no doubt…


I wish I could sit here and say I believed you

But now it is something I can no longer do.


This whole time you sounded so apodictic

But now I know it was for a game sadistic.

You were told to take my love, turn it to pain

You were told to take my love and with it slam my name…

And he laughs as we fell fate to his game

And I go into the delinquent’s hall of fame.


I gave you my all as I took this fall

I gave you my all and can’t walk away tall


But I know I made the right choice…

Cuz I know I gave us all a voice…


Squig I know we lost each other

And I hope and pray you still have your brother



Please know for you I cast no blame

And that I will always feel such guilt and shame

For the decisions that had to be made

And I know this wasn’t being made in vain.


I know I gave you your worst fears

And I am not there to dry your tears

But I couldn’t take the pain away

I had tried to for 7 years…EVERYDAY


But I have faith and I have hope

That for us it isn’t the end of the road


From him one day you’ll leave and be free

And in the future one day you and I will meet


And when we do…


I hope you remember

I did this because

Squiggly I LOVED YOU







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