Shoes By Paul Koshty Oct 2017

I’m wearing two toned, blue coloured running shows that give my feet that salubrious effect of deep soothing comfort on the soles of each foot as if I’m walking on a fluffy, marshmallowy cloud way up in the deep, blue, exhilarating sky.

My colourful, easily seen by others runners lead my two feet in many various directions, depending on which ways, locations and destinations my leader called my brain wants my feet to walk, run, jog or stand and/or stroll around at its command.

The sensation on my lower back that the quality of my shoes have is quite incredible; like soothing, messaging pulses jetting upward and through my body into my lower back region- swirling around like butterflies and hummingbirds all rolled up in one sensational vibrating machine.

Sometimes my feet in my salubrious running shoes lead me across hard floors, across smooth and bumpy sidewalks, down long narrow pathways, around long and winding roads, up and down towering flights of stairs, through muddy, swampy puddles and hard rocky shorelines as well as smooth, sandy, pebbly beaches and grassy, comfy knolls along various hillsides, etc.

My shoes endure and put up with a lot of day to day exposures, durability, extremes, longevity, and sustainability day in and day out. My shoes like all other shoes- are quite incredible to say the least, which I am most thankful and grateful for because without them my feet would be unable to endure doing all of those things safely and properly while standing, walking running, etc., all out on their own, being all bruised, torn and warn out.

My shoes to my feet are like ketchup to French fries, you can’t have or enjoy one without the other. They make a “great” team together as one!

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