Write Right Sept 2017 Evelyn Bastos

 I wear a very special kind of shoes, they are magical shoes.

Oh! Really?

Yes, they lead my feet to very special places.

If I walk backward I can visit my past, and see it with my present eyes. Stressful, scary, funny, lovely moments don’t feel the same. They happened at one moment very precise in the past and now I am not the same, I am all the moments of the past. And it is magical to see new meanings to old moments.

If I walk forward I can visit the future. I can build all the dreams or nightmares that I want. Dreams lead to projects nightmares to roads not to follow , and that also is magical.

If I stay put my shoes will lead my feet to the present. And it is magical to be here and now. We discover an amazing world full of feelings, sounds, colors, sounds, smells. All of that is so salubrious because they build a bridge to the future.

My magical shoes help me to connect to myself, the others and the Universe.

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