Wondering About the Grandfathers I Never Met By Paul Koshty

Even though I’ve been alive and living now for many years, I’ve never had the opportunity to see or meet my grandfathers from either of my parents. In my opinion, I opined that it would have been wonderful to have been old enough to travel back in time and travel to Europe during the period of better times before the second world war started and meet and hang out with both my grandfathers while they were still both alive, vibrant, free and the future seemed and appeared to be prosperous and glorious. From my father’s side, my other grandfather was born and raised in Slovenia which was then part of former Yugoslavia. Both neighbouring countries were and still are in Eastern Europe between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea Balkan areas of that region. As I write this piece, I don’t even remember their first names or the exact years, months, days and cities or towns in which they were born. I do remember and know that both of my grandfathers were both old enough to have been recruited to fight in the first world war under the Austrian/Hungarian military campaign aligned with Germany against our Allied Forces England, the US, Canada and others from the western speaking nations. I remember both my parents while I was still young showing me old photographs of my grandfathers all dressed up looking quite dapper in their elaborate Sunday best clothes and military uniforms both having long, stretched out looking mustaches and cool looking, dark sunglasses. Even though both grandfathers of mine never met each other or gotten to know one another, let alone me, I’ve wondered about who they both were as people in general. I’ve thought about the languages they’d spoken, the accents they’d had, the dreams and careers they’d chosen to raise their families on; one grandfather from Romania who developed a military career while the other grandfather from Slovenia who developed a carpentry career making various furniture pieces to sell. I opine that the many pieces of the puzzles of these two fine gentlemen’s lives would have been most wonderful to continue to investigate, gather further information on and complete to finally paint a picture on, so to speak, to acquire all knowledge and wisdom about a part of them, their history and a piece of my family tree which each of us have, to help me learn more and more of where my family came from, where we’re at now and where we’re moving to go forward into the big, bright future which lies out before us; moving up and down and all around, like a winding road through the valleys below and the mountain peaks above. May both my grandfathers rest in peace and may the memories of them carry on and not be lost or forgotten through the vestiges of time, space and imaginations of our family history. I thank them and all of you for this here.

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