The Willow Community Grows at Rodman Hall Art Centre

St. Catharines is the largest community within the Niagara region with a demonstrated need for accessible and inclusive recreational services form persons actively engaged in their mental health and addiction recovery journey. The Willow Community’s free, art workshops and social gatherings encourage membership activity and participation.

Rodman Hall strives to enrich lives by connecting our community with art in accessible and meaningful ways, and we are proud to partner with The Willow Community by providing office and program space for their operations and events.

Rodman Hall curatorial and education staff will collaborate with The Willow Community staff to develop seasonal programs that engage with our exhibitions and an annual presentation of member artwork.

The arts are for everyone, and through the implementation of an arts and mental health program in St. Catharines, The Willow Community and Rodman Hall strive to meet the needs of our community in a transformation way.

– Marcie Bronson

Curator, Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University

Visit Rodman Hall Art Centre’s website to learn more about the historic and beautiful art gallery.




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Rodman Hall Art Centre- Just beyond the Burgoyne Bridge at 109 St. Paul Crescent. Minutes from downtown St Catharines.

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