A Poem Inspired By What You Can’t See By: Lisa St. Lisa

I can’t see.

I push and stretch,

Weave and Bob.

Steve and Marie.

I can’t see.


Can you see

Through the cracks,

Worn and black.

Take it all back.

Can you see?


I can’t follow

The flow of these words

But here they are.

Eat them up whole.

I can’t follow.


Do you follow

Blindly through life,

Never stopping to taste

All that you hate.

Do you follow?


I can’t hear

The trilling of birds

Out my chamber door.


I can’t hear.


Do you hear

The sound that you make

When you take your fill

And go back for more?

Do you hear?


I can’t stand

The look on your face

When you come to terms

With what I am.

I can’t stand.


Can you stand

To lose your position

Within a made-up reality

And still give a smile?

Can you stand?


I can’t see

The point of this life

Without feeling at peace.

Please save me a piece.

I can’t see.


Don’t you see?

This is all a big game.

A masquerade.

Here’s my final act.

Don’t you see?

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