Something Whatever By: Anonymous June 29 2017

When asked a question like “what does normal mean to you?” there are too many variables to consider if one intends to answer honestly. What is normal here – in this exact location? What is normal in the next town over? What is normal 5,000km away? What was normal in Germany during the 1930’s is not what we accept as normal sitting in a coffee shop writing a paper about that very same place and time. Was it ok to be normal back then, is it ok to be normal now? Will hindsight from those looking back from 80 to 90 years on look at what we are as normal?

Ophidian-like moralities that tighten around and obscure the basic idea of “be good to one another.” It’s as if we’re attempting to build a fire with damp kindling all the while desperately trying to shield our younger generations from the wind. There is no spark. No unifying moment that will unite a group of people into a movement of change. Comfortable living rooms set up around giant televisions, monuments to our ability to successfully consume, playing whatever fits your own world-view for the low cost of $10 a month with a one month free trial when you sign up.

All the world’s information at our fingertips and we only choose to read what we already think we know and hold up anything challenging as a source of mockery. It is not normal. It is outside our narrative, but never mind that, did you happen to catch whatever show it is everyone is talking about last night? Can you believe that happened? I saw it coming all along.

The fire cannot be lit without an ignition source. We are becoming too comfortable sitting in the dark and telling ourselves that everything will be ok.

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