The Dragon That Loved Me Not By: Charles Fassel Rodman Hall June 1 2017

I really didn’t want to do it. I was filled with dread at the thought of having to write poetry/prose about George not returning my love.

First off, WHO is George? George is a dragon. I know it sounds a bit improbable… but there it is. Let me tell you; there is an amazing story behind George.

I had had a large portable storage bin delivered to my driveway that afternoon. I started filling it with odds and ends that had been cluttering up my house.

I thought nothing of putting away my Dungeons and Dragons metal figures, some of which were various types of dragons. I also decided to store my model rocketry equipment. Rockets? Sure. I used to build and fly rockets a lot when I was younger. And of course rockets need engines, and those engines are extremely explosive. I didn’t take that fact into account when I decided to put the equipment into storage.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m no dummy! But I can be forgetful, so it didn’t occur to me NOT to store both the big bags of high-nitrogen fertilizer AND the jerrycans of diesel fuel that I always kept around for my VW Golf TDI wagon. That was a mistake for certain.

Finally, there was that box of “stuff” from my wife’s late aunt, who had collected exotic and arcane artifacts from around the world. I didn’t know what most of the objects were, but they were really fascinating. There was that, uh, I guess I’d call it an amulet, made of a dull metal but engraved with myriad symbols… you see where this is all going?

So, all of these things; and tons and tons of other stuff, had been packed away in the storage unit. I went to bed that night absolutely clueless as to what I had done.

I was woken in the middle of the night by the sound and shock of a massive explosion! It shattered windows and almost knocked me out of bed! I leapt up and promptly tripped over my cane that I keep by the bed. I had been mostly deafened by the loud boom, but I could faintly hear the sound of the tinkling of broken glass as the shattered window fragments flew everywhere.

You might have thought “was that a clap of thunder?” but I know thunder, and it doesn’t blow out your windows, y’know? I was fuzzily thinking of a large meteor exploding overhead, like the one that catastrophically burst over Jellybeanski in Russia a couple of years ago. But I had to find out…

“And George? Are you ever getting around to this George guy? I don’t have all day here!” you might be thinking. Well, I’m getting to him. Eventually. Honest! After grabbing a bathrobe to cover my impressive physique (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) I hobbled out to survey the damage, and try to ascertain the cause of that huge bang.

The first thing I saw when I carefully picked my way through the broken glass was the scorched remains of the storage unit, and ALL MY STUFF!, scattered about my driveway and yard, and most of my neighbours’ properties! OMG, I thought, I had accidentally and thoughtlessly put the components of a BOMB! in the bin! But sitting in the middle of the blast ring was George; incredibly beautiful, still smoking a bit, and looking quite peeved.

He was, indisputably, a young dragon; about the size of a St. Bernard! When I called him incredibly beautiful, it was an understatement. He was every metal colour you could imagine; with gold, silver, copper, and more, rippling across his scales. Dragons are usually portrayed as big reptiles with wings, but that didn’t even come close. In much the same way that people mistakenly think of unicorns as horned horses or goats, when they are far more magnificent and exotic-looking than either, George the dragon was far too gorgeous to just call reptilian.

To be continued…

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