Spring Day By: Sierra Woods Rodman Hall June 1 2017

Spring Day

A beautiful spring day makes me feel absolutely wonderful. A breezy day spent outdoors is my idea of paradise. I spent part of my morning planting the final flower pots for this summer. I really have an addiction to the number of pots I create. I always try to limit the amount of pots I have because it is a nuisance to water them daily in the heat of the summer. I get so much enjoyment from watching them grow. I spend lots of time on my porch reading and watching the birds in their houses and at our feeders. Our backyard patio is quite full of pots much to my husband’s annoyance.

I get so excited at this time of year when everything is blooming and perennials are poking out of the garden welcoming us to summer. Perhaps many people feel this is puffery but I don’t! I can justify the amount of money spent on my gorgeous pots because of the enormous pleasure and happiness I derive from them.

I was so excited to be able to sit outside for our Write Right Workshop today. Listening to the cardinal sing and hearing my pencil glide over my paper is so relaxing. The sun beating on me feels so refreshing after so many days being cooped up indoors. It is so remarkable to sit and look at all the different shades of green displayed on the front lawn of Rodman Hall. I feel at peace and so calm. This describes a perfect day for me.

I love spending time outdoors especially in the spring. I don’t understand how people can stay indoors watching TV or whatever they do inside all day. There are so many places to walk and explore in Niagara or even in your neighbourhood. Walking at 12 Mile Creek earlier this week I saw an egret and turkey vulture up close. There were many painted turtles and bullfrogs in the swamp on this beautiful spring day. I also saw two families of Canada geese. Even though they are annoying you can’t help but smile at baby goslings. The water flowing by such peaceful surrounding cannot make you feel anything but sheer happiness and joy.

A beautiful spring day make me feel rejuvenated, happy and at peace. Something I need to remember on a dreary, dark winter day.


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