The Drive By: Elliet Rodman Hall June 1 2017

A poem about dread:

One of the biggest thing that stresses me out

Is having to drive to a place I know nothing about,

You see my family was hurt and needed me,

But the fears I had wouldn’t let me be.


To be there for them was all I could think about.

And the anxiety of going was given me doubt.

To be able to get to them the car was the only way,

And how I dread driving for such a long day.


Fears of the car breaking down or getting lost

was controlling my sanity at all cost.

I wanted to get to them to make sure they’re alright

It’s amazing how anxiety has blinded my sight.


I need to face the stomach knots and my fears

But I just kept on rocking and crying many tears.

How do I get to them when all I do is shake,

While knowing that I have a big decision to make.


Do I let my anxiety take control and leave me in strife

Or is it time for me to take back my life.

I pack what I need and play soft calming music in the car,

Settle in for the drive that I know is real far.


I bargain with God while I do the long drive

and I pray for good traffic to get me there alive.

Facing my anxiety and know that I didn’t melt,

Was a proud puffery moment which was how I felt.


It’s good to know that I can face my fears,

and trusted along the way that my prayers he did hear.

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