The Dragon By MBC Rodman Hall June 1st 2017

I envision a dragon as a scary beast! He is not a nice dragon, he hurts people and destroys things with his fire and rage. But true to my personality I come closer and closer to the dragon. I can feel his hot fired breath. I am scared. But I feel that if the dragon can simply understand and feel what others feel, what I feel he will see the error of his ways. I think I can change him, I will be the one to save him from himself. I believe in time with my loving he will change and become a friendly dragon.

Over time I think I see changes, it seesaws back and forth. I don’t give up, I can’t give up. He will change, he must change, I need him to change, I have grown to have feelings for him but what does the dragon want? Does he really want to change? He seems to like to scare people and make them afraid, I am afraid of him. After years, I ponder do I simply leave the dragon in his anger and hurt and save myself from pain? Will the dragon care if I leave?

I walk away, the dragon cries and pleads for me to stay with him. He says he needs me, he can’t survive without me. I can’t.  I won’t.  For I have learned he needs to save himself, he only cares about himself. I need to save myself.

Goodbye dragon….


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