An Unrequited Love Poem By Charlotte Webb Rodman Hall June 1st 2017


If I present my heart so pure,

And with it a simple request

For you to take this fragile heart

And treat it with respect.

Would you hold it in your hands, my heart

And see that it is scared?

Could you overlook the broken parts

And kiss it as it’s bare?

But you’ve turned away from a small taste

My heart, it now bleeds dry.

And so we dance a tragic waltz

Of love that can’t abide.

We say in jest “C’est la vie!”

Perhaps in another lifetime,

But do not tell me not to feel

That with which I know is real.

So now I paint on a pretty smile

And hope you’ll stay for a little while.

To continue to dance and masquerade

A love I hope will someday fade.


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