Write Right By Julia Blushak May 2 2017

Memory Lane: What does it look like? How do you get there?

Happy (memory) trails

By Julia Blushak

The lane begins at the end of the backyard. If you don’t have a backyard, then you can imagine that the top of the closet tree near where you live, has a leaf that turns into a door and then you imagine yourself as small as a bird, who can fly and hop and strut and visit any memory at all along the lane that reaches into the sky like a ribbon.

If the park is outside your backdoor at the end your backyard is close by, you can simply follow a sentimental feeling or carry it like a butterfly in a net, to take you to the appreciate memory.

Memories like to fade, and butterflies are also hard to hold on to, so pay attention when you visit memory lane. There will be familiar and surprising places and people to meet.

After all, we can keep our own memories alive and fresh, changing and giving, something back to us each time we visit them along memory lane.

mlHappy Trails.

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